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Dipping Deeper: forming lifelong disciples

More than 50 Christian educators, pastors, volunteers and others are taking part in a three-day virtual workshop “Dipping Deeper into the Well of PC(USA) Ministries,” Oct. 5–7. Sessions are focused on the formation of lifelong disciples who are grounded in the Reformed tradition and equipped for the work of evangelism, peacemaking, witnessing and working toward justice and equity for all God’s people.

Presbyterians invited to dip deeper into the well of PC(USA) ministries

The South Central Region of the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators (SCRAPCE) is hosting a three-day virtual workshop called “Dipping Deeper Into the Well of PC(USA) Ministries” Oct. 5–7. The workshop, coordinated by Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary (APTS), is recommended for Christian educators, pastors, volunteers and anyone else interested in learning about denominational resources available for Christian education and formation in the local church.

Mission Toolkit: The ties that bind us

Imagine a set of strings lying across a table, each one a different and vibrant color. Individually, the strings are beautiful — they are bright red, golden yellow, vivid green, chocolate brown, royal purple. Each has a different thickness, weight and texture; each was created in a different place, by different hands. Now imagine the strings woven together in a rich, multicolored pattern that creates a broad tapestry. The tapestry is even more beautiful; the interplay between the individual strings, their colors and textures, creates a work of art. Together, the tapestry is unique and strong.

Compassion, Peace & Justice leaders to honor late colleague at General Assembly

On any given day, one could walk past Susan Stack’s office to find her poring over paperwork, writing reports or taking phone calls. It wasn’t just a job; it was her life. Stack served as an associate with the Presbyterian Health, Education & Welfare Association (PHEWA) for 34 years, helping people who dealt with everything from domestic violence to AIDS.