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misison yearbook

‘It’s church, and church in its best form’

In locations across the country, PC(USA) churches and mid councils are finding ways to transform otherwise humble church kitchens into spaces of ministry, mission and community engagement.

Sharing the peace of Christ with the world

War, disease and imprisonment: These words have the power to fill the heart with pain, fear and hopelessness. They often make the lips of those witnessing such strife ask, “Surely, this is not where God lives?”

A church for the wounded and vulnerable

In his mid-20s with a well-paying job at a startup logistics firm in Manhattan, Chris Romine was wondering if this was all there was. Exploring all kinds of faith expressions, he kept coming back to the simple message of Christ’s life. Within two years he was hired by a nondenominational church in Hoboken, New Jersey, to plant a neighboring church in Jersey City. But his faith was shattered six months later.