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Mision Presbiteriana Rio Grande

Minute for Mission: 1001 New Worshiping Communities

When the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board met in Puerto Rico this spring, several board members went on a field trip. The visit to Mision Presbiteriana Rio Grande was the first experience with a new worshiping community for several board members. The first sign that this was not “church as usual” occurred when the drivers pulled up to a small storefront location squeezed between a mechanic shop and a laundromat in a tiny strip mall. Instead of stained glass windows and pews, they saw handmade decorations, vases of flowers picked from local gardens, and a welcoming crew of pastor Eileen Rivas and a few church elders. The space was just about the right size for the 35 attendees who show up regularly for worship.

Ministerio misional en Puerto Rico

Cuando Puerto Rico se convirtió en un territorio de los Estados Unidos después de la guerra hispano-americana, los misioneros en la isla recibieron áreas misioneras. Al pueblo presbiteriano se les asignó el lado occidental de la isla, que es donde vive la mayoría de las personas presbiterianas.

Missional Ministry in Puerto Rico

When Puerto Rico became a U.S. territory after the Spanish-American war, missionaries on the island were granted mission fields. Presbyterians were assigned the western side of the island—which is where the majority of Presbyterians live.