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Synod includes men in #MeToo talks

When the #MeToo hashtag exploded on the social media scene in October 2017, no one could have predicted its continued impact on the treatment of women both in and out of the workplace. For a while, #MeToo seemed to be more about bringing down famous people in big corporations or enterprises, like Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer. Hollywood is one thing, but harassment isn’t supposed to happen in churches, right?

Hombres Presbiterianos Hispano Latinos helps men understand role in church

This organization Hombres Presbiterianos Hispanos Latinos (HPHL) has served Hispanic Latino Presbyterian men for more than 13 years. The organization seeks to act as an instrument of reconciliation between God and men. HPHL’s purpose is to assist and encourage Hispanic Presbyterian men to accept and proclaim the love of Jesus Christ and to offer spiritual formation through prayer and Bible studies so men can understand their role in our church. HPHL also hosts seminars, conferences and workshops that encourage Hispanic Latino men to get to know each other and to help empower them to discover their spiritual gifts so they can bring the Good News to their communities.