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matthew 25 movement

‘A call to imagine the change we want to see’

Flautist, futurist, bandleader and composer Nicole Mitchell Gantt joined the Rev. Jermaine Ross-Allam Wednesday for the second installment of the Matthew 25 series, “Imagining a Future Beyond Systemic Poverty and Structural Racism.”

Embodying kindness on the streets of Las Vegas

For Shawn Duncan, it’s the little things — like getting a birthday card — that mean a lot. Perhaps it’s because Duncan, a military veteran living in Las Vegas, hadn’t had a mailbox in years.   Or a home.

In the footsteps of the Queen of Sheba

Many may recall the Queen of Sheba, who according to 1 Kings 10 caravanned from East Africa to visit King Solomon of the Israelites, a monarch deemed wiser than all the sages of Egypt and the Middle East.