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RV park minister Tamara John accepts new call

At her lowest point, the Rev. Tamara John cut off her hair and gained 50 pounds. “Subconsciously, I wanted to make myself look and feel as ugly as possible,” she said. On the front lines as an RV park minister to the community where she lived in a fifth wheel custom-made RV, John said she was feeling responsible for the loss of a man in her community who had died by suicide.

‘Language of Heaven’ for 1001 New Worshiping Community

Five years ago, many Egyptians came to the U.S. during the time of the Arab Spring and Muslim Brotherhood rule. They harbored a desire to worship in the language of their heart, Arabic, which they describe as “the language of heaven.”

Expanding spiritual horizons

Behind every New Worshiping Community is another community that offers prayer and financial support to these emerging centers of Christian witness. Myron Hughes doesn’t worship at the Hope for Life Chapel RV Park Ministry, but supporting its transformative work has been a life-changing experience for him.

Synod of Southern California and Hawaii

Syrian fellowship finds a home in Los Ranchos Presbytery

When Saousan Jarjour came to Costa Mesa, California, Tim McCalmont had no idea the impact she would have on him. A young woman from the Syrian city of Homs, Jarjour came to study music at a college across the street from Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, where McCalmont serves as pastor. Raised Presbyterian, Jarjour showed up in church one Sunday in 2004 and soon after started singing in the choir.

Los Ranchos Presbytery

The Luxury of Reading and Praying to Jesus

“Thank you for the books.” I must have heard that at least a thousand times!