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lenten devotional

Seeing with our hearts

One early spring morning, I gazed upon my property that I had lovingly named “Old Stone Well Farm.” It was far from being a farm, but in my heart, I treasured its potential and held tightly to what I have come to call its “still-to-comes.”

Prayers for peace are blowing in the wind

A biting March wind blows, but that doesn’t stop a member of Northbrook Presbyterian Church in Beverly Hills, Michigan, from taking off her gloves and quickly tying her prayer ribbon to a tree on the church property. Her prayer is for peace, for wholeness, for healing of not just the local community, but for the world. She ties the ribbon securely to the limb and steps back, the patches of lingering snow crunching beneath her feet, and smiles. Hers is not the only ribbon fluttering in the wind, but one of many placed by church members who are also spending this Lenten season journeying toward shalom.

Digital Lenten devotional designed for youth, young adults and adult youth workers

The Office of Presbyterian Youth and Triennium, in coordination with its ecumenical partners, is announcing a 2021 Lent and Easter daily devotion series titled “Journey to the Cross.” Available through a phone app (d365 daily devotionals) and website,, it was created for youth, young adults, and anyone interested in practicing prayer and daily biblical reading and reflection.

A devotion for the fourth Sunday in Lent

It was dark; our only illumination came from the stars and the faint light of electric candles. Frogs and crickets serenaded us, and it struck me as a beautiful and holy space. The labyrinth was in a small clearing, surrounded by trees, under the open sky, so I stopped and looked up at the stars every so often as I walked.

A devotion for the second Sunday in Lent

Sara and I live on the edge of Jerusalem. Often, our paths take us near the Mount of Olives. Tourists and pilgrims come from all corners of the globe and pose for photos on a terrace there, with the breathtaking sight of the “Holy City” in the background.

A devotion for the first Sunday in Lent

All of us face temptations in the course of our lives. It is an inevitable part of the human condition. We pray “lead us not into temptation,” but temptations are going to come in any event. Jesus was, as a fully authentic human being, also subject to temptation, in this case, at the hands of Satan himself. Unlike us, however, Jesus withstood temptation.

Forty days of Lenten prayer

The Rev. Duke Dixon, pastor of Presbyterian Church of Easton in Easton, Md., part of New Castle Presbytery, returned from a sabbatical last summer feeling his congregation needed to pray — really pray — for its community.