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john 8:32

Advent’s message of hope can be trusted

Of course, news such as that delivered by the wise men would naturally “upset the apple cart” of all those in authority — both political and religious — who were living during a time known as the Pax Romana or “Roman Peace.” It was a time in which the Roman authorities would ensure “peace” if the religious leaders would keep their own people in line. Clearly, the news of a new king was a threat to all who had some measure of power.

In too many ways, we Christians ‘look more like the world today than the world looks like us’

Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner regularly prays for and with congressional leaders from both political parties and sends daily Scripture passages to many lawmakers. The co-founder and CEO of the Skinner Leadership Institute delivered the first plenary talk Monday during Ecumenical Advocacy Days, an online event that concludes Wednesday and includes attendees and leaders from the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).