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Jeremiah 29:11

When the secular becomes sacred

I still remember the furrowed brows of saints in my rural church when I suggested that rather than ask for donations to feed the children for an upcoming event, we should pay local food purveyors to cater the meal instead.

Minute for Mission: Pentecost Offering

“We plan and God laughs” is identified as a Yiddish proverb, the title of a book or two and the headline of multiple online articles meant to help people navigate periods in life when personal plans seem to disintegrate in front of their eyes. When we hear or read the proverb, it can be difficult not to nod along, especially when the phrase encapsulates something most of us have experienced: a perfect resume or proposal sent, but no word back; a flawless itinerary dissolved by the smallest delay; an event set to begin, upended by a storm; a setback or an entirely “new normal.”