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Jashalund Royston

The PC(USA)’s Research Services offers a survey questionnaire on the disparity experiences of Black women, girls and gender nonconformists

Last year, the 225th General Assembly approved overture RGJ-13, sponsored by the Advocating for Black Girls and Women Task Force. Overture RGJ-13 stems from a report from the “Disparities Experienced by Black Women and Girls” Task Force Report. This report highlights ways Black women and girls have historically and still experience interpersonal and institutional violence within society broadly and within the church.

PC(USA) ministers are not reticent to talk about mental health

On the 10th anniversary of the adoption of “Comfort My People: A Policy Paper on Serious Mental Health,” the 223rd General Assembly (2018) funded a two-year mental health initiative based in the Presbyterian Mission Agency (PMA). The mental health questions in the Research Services minister survey were designed in collaboration with PMA staff and are part of a larger study of mental health across the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). The questions focus on four areas: awareness, training, ministry and self-care.