international day for rural women

On this International Day for Rural Women, South Sudan farmers are not deterred

In South Sudan, more than 1 million people have been displaced in recent months by flooding. Of those displaced, more than 29,000 are from Mayendit County in the southern part of Unity State. Before the flooding, the country was plagued by years of civil war that also contributed to massive displacement.

Minute for Mission: International Day for Rural Women

More than 732 million people in India don’t have access to toilets, according to WaterAid, an international organization that focuses on water, hygiene and sanitation. This lack of access poses problems in particular for rural women and girls who are often obliged to wait until it is dark to defecate in open fields. Not only does this situation create physical discomfort, compromise sanitation and health, and damage dignity, but it also causes serious safety problems.

Churches raise awareness on food sovereignty, justice issues

How does your church commemorate World Food Day? For some congregations, the day during Food Week of Action means a special meal offered to community residents who wrestle with poverty and hunger. Others use the annual campaign to promote what they’re already doing, such as community gardens or food pantries.