intentional communities

Put me in, coach — I’m ready to lead

Beth McCaw didn’t know what she was getting into when she first heard God’s call to start a new worshiping community. As a social worker, she was a long way from the challenges she would face in launching a new faith community.

Launching Intentional Communities for young adults is ‘game changer’ for PC(USA)

Coming of age in New Zealand, Paul Humphreys deeply understood that country’s special, spiritual connection with the land. “As a child, I was often messing around in rivers, hiking, biking, and sailing,” says Humphreys, who has served as program director for Outreach and Disciple-Making at the Crestfield Camp & Conference Center in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, for the last two years. Crestfield, the camp and conference center for Pittsburgh Presbytery, is a thriving facility that currently serves over 600 campers in the summertime as well close to 3,000 conference and retreat users.