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in-person worship

Confessions of a worship binge-watcher

The return to in-person worship is underway, and one can almost hear David’s joy echoed in Psalm 122, when he proclaimed, “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord!’”

Empty pews are here to stay

Most people like to attend worship in-person sometimes, and online at other times, depending on their needs at the time.

Danger and opportunity

As the COVID-19 pandemic raged around the world in 2020, a few countries in Asia, including Taiwan, had controlled the virus extremely well and life remained relatively normal.

Get your social media noticed with hashtags

Posting your ministry happenings on social media is great, but it can be even better (translation: more folks seeing what you have posted) with the use of a hashtag.

Welcome to ‘phygital’ worship

As many churches navigate the both/and world of hybrid ministry, where in-person and online worship coexist, there’s a word to keep in mind: “phygital.” I didn’t invent it. It was coined in 2013 to describe creating a seamless experience that is the best of both the digital and physical realms. And there lies the goal — and the challenge — for our churches, that of creating hybrid worship where two intrinsically different environments come together seamlessly.

First impressions matter

It used to be that the first impression of a church was made at the front door. That first impression is now being made online. These days, people visit almost every organization virtually before having any further interaction. So, the question that needs to be asked is, “What message or image are you presenting to these visitors?”

2½ years into a three-month gig

Lisa Allgood, a commissioned ruling elder and the executive presbyter for the Presbytery of Cincinnati, sometimes refers to herself as “the accidental presbyter.” After a 36-year career in the pharmaceutical industry, the trained immunocytochemist accepted a planned three-month stint when the presbytery called her to leadership.

Welcome to ‘phygital’ worship

The challenge for churches is how to make worship satisfying in both in-person and online settings without doing double the work.