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generous gifts

Jesus gives clear instructions on where to focus our giving

I’m almost finished setting up my new place after moving to the Detroit area. I’ve left one task to the end, though: rebuilding the elaborate cat playground that Salsa and Queso climb when they tire of peering out onto the patio or spilling water on my desk. I’ve left it to last because the assembly instructions got thrown away a long time ago. Trying to make the right moves that will connect the pieces together, without guidance, is going to be challenging.

Minute for Mission: Christmas Joy Offering

What was the most perfect gift you ever received? A bike or doll when you were a kid? A video game, perhaps? Maybe it was the day you met your husband, your wife — or looked into the eyes of the newborn baby that someone placed in your arms. For most of us, the most perfect gift is not necessarily a thing, but something else. Something bigger, deeper, more meaningful.