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‘My faith grows when I am with the people of Haiti’

Even as she’s been working stateside during the pandemic, mission co-corker Cindy Corell continues to walk alongside her Haitian partners. As a recent “Between Two Pulpits” broadcast made clear, Corell’s heart is very much in Haiti, especially following the kidnapping of 12 adults and five children connected with a U.S. missionary organization.

Don’t weary while doing good

Blacks, Indigenous peoples, and other people of color (BIPOC) are not simply those who are marginalized because of their race. They often find themselves working the hardest for racial justice. My friends of color tell me it is grueling to feel the oppression and to also be left with most of the responsibility for fighting it. Working toward racial justice can be exhausting.

Don’t weary while doing good

In working for racial justice, it’s not just about us; we must also include God in the equation.

Buckle up, hold on tight and pray like crazy

In the mid-1980s, Trinity Presbyterian Church in Tacoma, Washington, was on life support, and Olympia Presbytery had begun nudging the session to consider pulling the plug. Drugs, crime and gangs had infested the church’s neighborhood. A handful of loyal members attended worship and struggled to maintain the church building.