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down syndrome

Exhibit showcases Advent devotional art

The Gallery at West Side Presbyterian Church in Ridgewood, New Jersey, recently showcased the paintings, photographs and poetry of local artist Andrew Weatherly. Weatherly is the 26-year-old man with Down syndrome who created the artwork for Presbyterians Today’s 2018 Advent Devotional, God Lifts the Lowly.

School for students with disabilities challenges social stigma

Despite its history of civil war and its current challenges with poverty and the refugee crisis, the city of Beirut remains fertile ground for those seeking wealth, status, and power. For Muslims and Christians, the cultural ethos of pride/shame places a high value on education, success, and providing for one’s family.

Minute for Mission: Disability Inclusion

Minute for Mission: Disability Inclusion

A few years ago during Advent, my daughter with Down syndrome was excited to participate in our annual Christmas pageant. She was in preschool at the time, and the littlest members of the congregation were traditionally given minor parts and did not attend regular rehearsals. They simply showed up the day of, did their part, and warmed worshipers’ hearts.