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Whispers of the heart

The daughter of a church member texted, late one Friday night, to say that her dad’s physical health was fading fast. He had been placed on hospice, and she was concerned about how much more time he had. She told me that she had become his round-the-clock nurse/caregiver, and she was grateful to be able to do that. Earlier in the week I had offered to drive to her house (about 60 miles) to visit them. She indicated that she now wanted to take me up on my offer.

Blazing a trail of love

This isn’t the editorial I had planned for you. As I was about to email what I had written to my copy editor, the ding of the computer alerted me to a new message. It was from a friend whom I have been trying to go on a hike with for what has seemed forever — thanks, Covid — so I quickly opened it. I read the first line with confusion and trepidation.

Blazing a trail of love

A friend’s premature death surfaces thoughts about God’s power, strength, love and blessing, and the hope we must carry.

Memorial Day is a day to remember and a day to mourn

War is neither necessary nor romantic. The deaths that come from war are needless and tragic. Those who give their lives in war may be remembered and honored for their selfless sacrifice, but the wars which brought their deaths are not glorious adventures. Our entry into war may at times be unavoidable but must never be sought. We mourn those killed in war on Memorial Day as we grieve the pain of loss and deprivation.

Final goodbyes

A palliative care physician and author offers advice on how to say goodbye when the actual moment of death is at hand.

Remembering more than 1,600 Delaware lives lost to COVID-19

A Garden Remembrance Memorial has been installed on the front courtyard of the Presbyterian Church of Dover, 54 S. State St., Dover, Delaware. It’s a temporary tribute, a space for healing, reflection and prayer to honor the lives of more than 1,600 Delawareans lost to COVID-19 from March 2020 to the end of May 2021.

Just passing by …

Has anyone ever come into your life to help you, just when you needed help and had nowhere to turn? Have you ever been that urgent helper for someone else?

Preparing for the last goodbye

More congregations are learning about ways to prepare for death and dying — spiritually, practically, financially and emotionally.

‘Sing love songs to a lonely world’

Presbyterians of a certain age can still sing — still do sing — the songs of Richard Avery and Don Marsh: “Every Morning is Easter Morning,” “Hey! Hey! Anybody Listening?” “We’re Here to be Happy,” “We are the Church,” and so many other songs, memorable for their catchy tunes and their lyrics embracing an authentic faith and calling for justice for all God’s children.