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Peacemaker to share challenges and rewards of serving Christ in Cuba

While the U.S. and Cuban governments have only recently re-established diplomatic ties, the Presbyterian Church has continually maintained a relationship between the two countries. Congregations will get an idea how that has progressed next month when the 2016 class of International Peacemakers visits the U.S.

When Borders Break Relationships

Reconciliation among Cubans and Cuban Americans. Hope for reconciliation between the United States and Cuba reached a peak when Barack Obama became the first sitting president in 88 years to visit the island nation. People lined the streets of Havana, chanting for the American president—an act that could have sent them to jail in another era.

Report on Cuba passes committee and heads toward full General Assembly

Rev. Daniel Izquierdo, General Secretary of the Presbyterian-Reformed Church of Cuba (PRCC), spoke to members and invited guests of the Cuba Partnership Network on June 20 at the 222nd Presbyterian General Assembly. Izquierdo said he sees a new openness to dialogue, but after 57 years of misunderstanding and mistrust, it is still going to be a long journey.

Synod of Living Waters

Synod of Living Waters

Desmond Tutu has said that the sea is really only drops of water that have come together. Over the years, Living Waters for the World (LWW) has certainly learned the power of coming together in partnership for sustainable water for a generation. LWW, a ministry of the Synod of Living Waters, trains partners to work together in covenant to provide communities with a source of clean water by utilizing a simple, affordable water treatment system. While many people hear about LWW from a news article or a volunteer engaged with the mission, some first come to know about LWW by tasting the water for themselves and seeing a water partnership in action.

Pennsylvania church inspired by peacemaker visits

While state and national government leaders debate on the acceptance of refugee families, Weisiger says it didn’t take long for her church and five others to begin work to resettle families in their community. Community connections were made as a result of peacemaker visits that have enabled the church to continue engaging in the work of peacemaking in their own backyard. The Peacemaking Program connected the church not just to the wider church, but to refugee resettlement agencies and interfaith organizations engaged in peacemaking in the heart of Philadelphia.

Historic meeting between Cuban and US Presbyterians begins dialog

A delegation from the presbyteries of Peace River, Tampa Bay and Tropical Florida made a historic trip to Cuba in February 2016 to meet with leaders of the Presbyterian-Reformed Church in Cuba (PRCC), their first official meeting in 54 years.