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Relishing a slower pace of life

In her introduction to a recent episode of the “New Way” podcast, the Rev. Sara Hayden quotes St. Thomas More, who once said, “Soul cannot thrive in a fast-paced life because being affected, taking things in and chewing on them requires time.”

A brewery where faith is always on tap

As the Rev. Brent Raska finishes up another order from customers in the states he distributes beer to, he remembers how he felt on Dec. 31, 2017. How he wept after preaching a final sermon at the small church he’d served for five years, which was down to 12 people. “I couldn’t help but think I was a failure,” he said, “even though I knew I wasn’t.”

Young Adult Volunteers rising to lead in a time of crisis

While Luke Rembold isn’t grateful for the circumstances of the current COVID-19 crisis and the pain and fear it is causing, he is grateful for the way he sees his Young Adult Volunteers (YAVs) responding.

On immigration

Conversations in the church going deeper and farther February 6, 2018 The immigration conversation is nowhere close to being done. The political discourse around immigration continues to affect communities and… Read more »

‘The Word on the Street’ explores how faith influences daily living

In the first episode of a new podcast called “The Word on the Street,” hosted by the Presbyterian Mission Agency’s Charles Wiley and Alonzo Johnson, a Kentucky Hall of Fame broadcaster recalled being in a person’s home during a time of tragedy and being asked to pray for them.

Theology, Passion, and Justice

When it comes to conversations about church, most of us imagine sitting around a table and engaging face-to-face. Maybe we’re in a church basement, conference center, coffee shop, or local bar. But lately Presbyterians have been gathering for a weekly conversation around their phones or computers, using Twitter and a common hashtag. These online conversations can take place on a couch at home while kids are playing, at a computer on a desk at work, or on a smartphone while waiting in line at the grocery store.