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coffee shop

A barista on a mission

A retired Presbyterian started a coffeehouse-based new worshiping community to serve her West Virginia community.

Couple dreams of starting new worshiping community in coffee shop that employs people with disabilities

When Brett Foote decided to go to Princeton Theological Seminary in the fall of 2016, his wife, Laura Foote, was in a “really, really dark place.” She struggled with depression — and with church and how she fit in. “I remember talking to my mom,” she said. “Like Brett’s got this dream and vision now. I was like, ‘Mom, I want that. Like, what am I doing?’ ”

UKirk opens coffee shop ministry

Meeting for coffee is a Presbyterian tradition. Whether it’s in a fellowship hall, a Sunday school room or an espresso shop, coffee and community are often connected. First Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is hoping that a new coffee shop will help connect college students from the University of Alabama with Christ. Named UPerk, the venture is an outreach of the UKirk program, a ministry that seeks to empower members of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) engaged in campus ministry.

Embracing diversity builds strong community in San Juan

A trilogy of ordinary people is creating some extraordinary results in a San Juan neighborhood. This was beautifully illustrated by three special guests of the World Mission Competencies in Domestic Ministry ministerial team during March’s Presbyterian Mission Agency Board meeting in San Juan. The Rev. Nancy Ramsay chairs the committee.