1001 new worshiping community

Put me in, coach — I’m ready to lead

Beth McCaw didn’t know what she was getting into when she first heard God’s call to start a new worshiping community. As a social worker, she was a long way from the challenges she would face in launching a new faith community.

New worshiping community receives $50K Walton Award

New Creation Presbyterian Church, a 1001 New Worshiping Community in Hendersonville, Tennessee, plans to use a recent $50,000 award for its $2.5 million building campaign. New Creation, which became an official PC(USA) chartered congregation last year, was named a winner of a $50,000 2019 Sam and Helen R. Walton Award in March.

Kenyan new worshiping community doubles worship attendance with language swap

At the Church of Amazing Grace International in Anaheim, California, the Bible that the Rev. Kinyua Johnson preaches from is in the language he grew up with — Kikuyu, a language spoken by about 17 percent of Kenyans. But recently, Johnson and the community discovered something profound about their approach to worship. “We realized we were being selfish,” he said, “by just having the service in Kikuyu.”

Couple dreams of starting new worshiping community in coffee shop that employs people with disabilities

When Brett Foote decided to go to Princeton Theological Seminary in the fall of 2016, his wife, Laura Foote, was in a “really, really dark place.” She struggled with depression — and with church and how she fit in. “I remember talking to my mom,” she said. “Like Brett’s got this dream and vision now. I was like, ‘Mom, I want that. Like, what am I doing?’ ”

Sanctuary at dinner church, monthly pub talks

The Rev. Laura Bentley, pastor of Sanctuary Faith Community, felt called to be a pastor — but she had the best pastoral conversations sitting at bars with people over food and beer.

On The Way Church celebrates a year of ‘great blessing’

During the recent one-year anniversary celebration of On The Way Church, the Rev. Rafael Viana began to see a convergence of many things. “Each one was necessary for us to reach this moment of great blessing,” he said. Viana arrived in Atlanta with his wife, Ivette, and their two children in February 2016.

College coffeehouse provides safe space for race conversation

When racially insensitive photos surfaced at Cal Poly University in the spring, Front Porch, a coffeehouse and 1001 worshiping community in San Luis Obispo, California, began engaging students — many of whom were disgusted by what they saw.