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1001 new way podcast

New Way podcast explores how to be in a relationship worth repairing

“So much of our lives is spent in the company of others. These encounters shape us, whether we’re passing time silently next to a stranger in the crowded row of an airplane or in the innumerable moments of life shared between our own roommates, co-workers, siblings or spouses,” the Rev. Sara Hayden, host of the New Way podcast, explains in her introduction to a two-episode interview with the Rev. Troy Bronsink, founder of The Hive, a center for contemplation, art and action.

Jesus showed us ‘internal resurrection’

“How good it is to center down! To sit quietly and see one’s self pass by!” With these words the Rev. Jeff Eddings opened  Wednesday’s The Way of Spiritual Fortitude, quoting a mediation from theologian and mystic the Rev. Dr. Howard Thurman.

1001 ‘New Way’ podcast opens new season

“I spent a lot of time pushing away the call that I had, even as a teenager and child. My grandmother told me I cut up her Bible when I was 3 years old. I think she wouldn’t let us watch ‘Hee Haw’ or ‘Love Boat.’”