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Mission Yearbook

Baffled by prayer

All his life, the Rev. David Maxwell has found prayer baffling. Maxwell, who leads Presbyterian Publishing Corporation’s curriculum imprint, Geneva Press, said during a recent weekly chapel service at the Presbyterian Center that he often finds prayer “awkward, irrational and confusing — and I know I’m not alone in my discomfort.”

Presbyterian film exploring gun violence is now on Amazon Prime

“Trigger: The Ripple Effect of Gun Violence,” produced by Presbyterian Disaster Assistance’s Story Productions, is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime. “This is new ground for the church,” director David Barnhart said.

Library project in Ethiopia half-finished

Ed Pollock, the son of longtime Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) mission co-worker Ted Pollock, is a man on a mission. Since 2017, Pollock and members of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Mount Airy, Maryland, have worked tirelessly to collect enough books and Bibles to build a theological reference library for seminary students in Gambella, Ethiopia.

The power of prayer walking

The Rev. Lorenzo Small admits he had never heard of prayer walking until a pastor friend told him about it. So, he tried it. The prayer walk made such an impact on Small for being “very simple and yet very effective” that wherever the pastor goes, prayer walking goes with him.

Putting feet to faith

Nearly 30 years ago, 25 residents of North Scottsdale, Arizona, attended a worship service at what would grow to become Pinnacle Presbyterian Church, a congregation of more than 1,400 in the Presbytery of Grand Canyon.

A dozen 1001 New Worshiping Communities are awarded Mission Program Grants

The Presbyterian Mission Agency approved 12 Mission Program Grants to worshiping communities during its latest grant cycle. Among them are eight $7,500 seed grants to help an assortment of 1001 new worshiping communities get started in various presbyteries across the country.

Christians and food waste

My grandmother was a farm wife during the Dust Bowl of the Great Depression. For the rest of her life, she was meticulous about not wasting food. She wouldn’t use a vegetable peeler on potatoes or carrots because she could remove less peel using a knife.

Caring for the Caregivers

The Rev. Sharyl Dixon is now in her sixth year serving Kingston Presbyterian Church in Kingston, New Jersey. When she started serving the church — be it visiting the women’s Bible studies or shaking hands at the door after a service — Dixon realized that what she was witnessing, in different forms, was caregiving, whether it was for a spouse with dementia, ailing parents or children with special needs. Dixon realized there was a need to care for those offering care to others.