Mission Yearbook

Honoring a dementia patient’s life

He was a man of few words. My visits often consisted of a monologue I carefully constructed around veiled questions, hoping he would offer up details about his life without getting agitated. But his responses were short — a few words uttered in a deep voice that got louder if he was irritated by the subject matter.

A mutual reach beyond the oceans

Since 1984, the Mission to the U.S.A. (MUSA) program has connected the Synod of the Covenant in Michigan and Ohio with international clergy and lay leaders through fellowship, hospitality, mutual sharing and awareness. MUSA, which was co-sponsored by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) for about two decades, has helped each mission partner break down cultural barriers and truly become brothers and sisters in Christ.

‘Invest in Children’ links church and school

A call to action was extended to members of First Presbyterian Church in Sarasota, Florida, in early 2017. Following the encouragement of the 221st General Assembly (2014) “to continue the long history of support in public education,” the church took steps to partner with a local elementary school.

Philippines pastor among International Peacemakers visiting the U.S. this fall

God of justice and peace, we thank you for sisters and brothers who work for human rights around the world. Inspire us to join your transforming ministry that protects the weak, challenges the strong, frees the prisoner, proclaims peace and heals the broken in all places. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Listening to the Spirit in South America

It happens quickly, often in a single generation. Yours is the big church on the town square, the church that your family has attended for generations. Once, this church was the spiritual heart of the community. This is where people supported one another in times of crisis, remembered their roots and celebrated their joys. Once, there were jobs in the town, but today young people leave to study and work in the big city. Now, on a good Sunday, 25 or 30 people gather for worship; your church struggles to survive.

10 new worshiping communities receive Mission Program Grants

The Presbyterian Mission Agency recently approved 10 Mission Program Grants to a diverse range of worshiping communities. The Mission Development Resources Committee announced one $25,000 Growth Grant recipient, three $25,000 Investment Grant recipients and six $7,500 Seed Grant recipients.

Oregon church offers music and art camp for kids

Kenilworth Presbyterian Church in Portland, Oregon, held its seventh annual Music and Art Day Camp from July 16–20. Designed for children in kindergarten through third grade, the camp provides early exposure to music and art in an affordable, accessible way.

A teen’s perspective on gun control

In 2016, when I was 12 years old, I read an article about a boy half my age named King Carter who was gunned down less than a mile from my home in Miami Shores. King was walking to a convenience store to buy candy when he was killed in the crossfire between two drug-dealing gangs. After reading about his tragic story, I didn’t understand why he had to die.