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Matthew 25

Johnsonburg Camp & Retreat Center to launch social justice cohort this fall

Building on the success of the current youth retreat model and utilizing the value of virtual programming, Johnsonburg Camp & Retreat Center in New Jersey will offer a Social Justice Cohort beginning next month that will provide a forum for high school students to come together to explore issues of racial and social justice and Creation care as a vision and practice within a life of faith.

A pastoral letter on 9/11 and all that’s happened since then

The date of September 11, 2001, almost can get lost amid present situations we face in New York City with recent deadly storms, a deadlier COVID-19 virus and the resulting unemployment and rent/mortgage payment concerns, and the cessation of so many in-person church and social activities.

Remembering with honesty

Since biblical times, people have pined for “the good old days,” but their memory may not account for what oppression was really like.

Trail magic

One month after the Rev. Dr. Jason Brian Santos became pastor of Community Presbyterian Church in Lake City, Colorado, the small mountain town of 400 officially became a “gateway” trail town for hikers on the Continental Divide. It was already well known as one of the better towns to stop for those hiking the Colorado Trail, which runs from Denver to Durango.

A little church with a big heart for mission

Bethel Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia is an African American congregation of about 45 members that’s doing the work of a congregation 10 times its size. Bethel is described as a little church with a big heart for mission.  The congregation accepted the Matthew 25 invitation in 2019, but it was already doing the work the gospel requires.

Matthew 25 invitation reaches milestone

First Presbyterian Church of San Luis Obispo recently made the commitment to become a Matthew 25 church, and that marks the 1,000th registration received for the Matthew 25 vision, launched in April 2019.