Matthew 25

A calling in the community

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a chronology is worth a million.

Practicing Matthew 25 through Project Common Grounds

During a recent online forum held in the Presbytery of St. Augustine on racial and ethnic tensions, a woman named Kristen shared her family’s story: “I didn’t really know what systemic racism was. Then my father, who wore hearing aids, was arrested during a traffic stop when he didn’t understand the rules for including his adaptive devices on his driver’s license.”

Bearing witness: Presbyterians to host Week of Action

As the country continues to reckon with its history of racism and oppression of Black and brown people and take steps toward healing, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is planning to host a Week of Action Aug. 24-30.

Blank canvas inspires Illinois community to dream big

In 2004, members of Second Congregational United Church, known as SecondFirst Church since federating with First Presbyterian Church, dreamed of building a gymnasium for the community of Rockford, Illinois — and they did it.

Churches asked to identify where they can act to address white supremacy

Nearly 600 people gathered virtually Wednesday to have what is all too often a difficult conversation in a majority white denomination. With the current unrest and protest in our nation, the call for justice and the dismantling of structural racism is stronger than ever. Committing to become a  Matthew 25 church offers one of the first ways that churches can take steps to bring about racial justice.

Love and literacy behind prison walls

When a group of Presbyterian women came to the state prison where Shanon Anderson was incarcerated, she quickly learned the program they offer provides more than reading and writing. It’s all about love.