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Hunger & Poverty

Finding the financing to grow enough food for all God’s children

As they prepared to lobby Capitol Hill solons Thursday about the climate crisis, food insecurity and other significant ills, Ecumenical Advocacy Days participants took in an online session on the role that climate finance can play in securing enough food for everyone.

People of color speak out against ‘food apartheid’ and bias against indigenous groups

While serving as pastor of Pleasant Hope Baptist Church in Baltimore, the Rev. Dr. Heber Brown III became concerned about the nutrition and health of some of his members. “I pastored there for 14 years and during my time, I saw many members of my church being hospitalized repeatedly for diet-related issues,” said Brown, a speaker at an Ecumenical Advocacy Days plenary on Wednesday.

A new day for farmworkers

Lupe Gonzalo understands all too well the hardscrabble life of a farmworker.

희망의 씨앗을 뿌리다

위대한 나눔의 실천 헌금, 파나마 여성들의 삶과 살림을 새롭게 하다 에밀리 엔더스 오돔 루이빌 – 파올라 토그나렐레[Tog-na-rē-le]의 지구와의 연결은 성스럽다. 그녀는 지금 그녀의 삶에서 중요한 여성들과 깊은 유대관계를 형성하고 있다. 팬데믹이 한창일 때에, 토그나렐레는 지역사회에서 성장한 새롭고 생명을 불어 넣어 주는 관계와 파나마의 파나마시티에 본부를 둔 비영리 단체인 ‘여성들의 만남 공간’에 의해 후원을 받는 WhatsApp… Read more »

Sowing seeds of hope

Paola Tognarelli’s [Tog-na-rē-le] connection to Mother Earth is sacred. Just like the bond she now shares with the other significant women in her life.

PC(USA) partner in Somalia: Conflict and climate change push millions close to famine

A devastating drought has displaced one million Somalis since January 2021, and more people are expected to flee as communities face the prospect of famine in 2023. First, the rains failed, then Al-Shabab, an armed group that controls large swathes of south-central Somalia, started to impose hefty taxes on local farmers like Fathi Mohamed Ali.