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Advocacy & Social Justice

Going green by going solar

Fifty-three years after its first observance, Earth Day is an annual reminder that what we do to the Earth matters. It matters to humanity, and it matters to God. Being an Earth Care Congregation brings a sense of joy that exudes to anyone you speak to who serves their respective congregation in this capacity.

Christian religious LGBT advocacy in Ghana

According to the population and housing census of 2021, more than 71% of the people in Ghana identify as Christians in various church denominations.

First ‘Confronting Christian Zionism’ webinar draws large audience

A packed virtual Zoom room of nearly 500 participants logged on Thursday to listen to the first webinar in a series of three which addresses the topic of “Confronting Christian Zionism.” Presented by the PC(USA)’s Christian Zionism working group, which includes PC(USA) national staff from World Mission’s Middle East and Europe office, the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program, the Office of Public Witness, and members of the Israel/Palestine Mission Network, the 90-minute session discussed how the Zionism ideology contributes to the violence Palestinians have experienced and the consequences of the settler colonial experience.

A timely webinar on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Just days after an airstrike killed seven World Central Kitchen workers in Gaza and as experts says famine is imminent in northern Gaza, the PC(USA)’s Office of Public Witness held a webinar Wednesday on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Nearly 300 people attended.

Easter and transgender visibility fall on the same day this year

As the International Day of Transgender Visibility falls on Easter this year, Christians wrestle again with the ways that religion wounds those on the margins of society and in what ways the resurrection calls Christian into new ways of seeing, believing and loving.