Resources in Video, audio and multimedia

2016 One Great Hour of Sharing Video

Following the tsunami that devastated much of southern Asia in December 2004, Pak Yadi received a $400 seed grant from One Great Hour of Sharing partners. Documentary filmmaker David Barnhart followed him as he rebuilt his life and community.

2016 Pentecost Offering Video

The Pentecost Offering is devoted to ministries that support our young people during their “first third of life,” the time from childhood through young adulthood.

Presbyterian Giving Catalog Ads

Presbyterian Giving Catalog Ads

Use these banner ads to promote the Giving Catalog on your website or social media – at 1200 x 628 px, they are a great size for facebook promotion. Click the image to download the full-sized version.

Christmas Joy Offering images

Christmas Joy Offering images

Use the following images to promote the Christmas Joy Offering in your congregation (click for larger image):

Locked in a Box video

“Locked in a Box” is an award winning short documentary that follows the stories of individuals held in the U.S. Immigration detention system and those who visit them. The film traces the lives of individuals who fled their homelands in search of safety and freedom only to end up in U.S. prisons under a mandatory… Read more »

Thriving Congregations: What are they doing right?

Thriving Congregations: What are they doing right? Thriving congregations are not always large congregations. Nor are they always growing congregations. Yet there is something about them that inspires and invites. Through stories of thriving congregations, you’ll learn (and possibly share) some of the most prominent characteristics of thriving congregations. Get ready to be inspired!