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Resources in Posters and fliers

One Great Hour of Sharing Poster

This poster can be used in your church during the weeks leading up to the One Great Hour of Sharing offering.

Moving Hearts to Share Color Sheet

A cow on a farm can provide milk, cheese, yogurt, and other food to help families live healthy and strong lives.


Utilice este cartel para promover la Ofrenda de Gozo de Navidad en su congregación. En esta época de Adviento y Navidad, celebramos el regalo de Jesucristo como nuestro Señor y… Read more »


이 포스터를 사용하여 여러분의 교회에서 성탄절 헌금을 홍보하십시오. 강림절과 성탄절에 우리는 예수 그리스도께서 우리의 주인이시고 구세주가 되신 것을 축하합니다. 성탄절 특별 헌금에 봉헌함으로써 우리는 하나님께서 예수 그리스도와 우리 교회 내의… Read more »

2017 Christmas Joy Offering Poster

Use this poster to promote the Christmas Joy Offering in your congregation. This Advent and Christmas season, we celebrate the gift of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. By… Read more »

Giving Catalog Promotional Image

Download and use this image to encourage your members to pick up a Presbyterian Giving Catalog, especially around gift giving holidays. These small gifts create big impact for people all… Read more »