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Resources in Youth Ministry

Quicksheets #84 Talking With Your Youth About Ukraine

Talking with Your Youth About Ukraine – This resource was made in response to the Russian military aggression in Ukraine but can be adjusted and referenced for a variety of conversations with youth about war, violence, and other difficult topics.

Quicksheets #83 Promenade

An intergenerational event for zoom or in-person. Using the Prom theme, here is a fun way to engage the adults in the congregation in sharing their stories with youth. If it isn’t Prom season, you can call this something different and still ask for any fancy dance photos

Quicksheets #82 Christmas Games for Zoom

Looking to gather friends, family, youth group or classmates for some Christmas fun? Trying to figure out how to do this on Zoom? Here are several simple and satisfying games that can be used for almost any type of group.

Quicksheets #81 Evaluating Programs

A simple evaluation tool helps guide us to evaluate what we have been doing, whether it is working now, and if it should be pulled forward into our plans for the year. This resource offers simple evaluation questions to use when trying something new OR when considering bringing a former program back.

Quicksheets #80 Preparing Groups for Hard Conversations

The church should be proactive and seek ways to provide tools for the young people in our congregations to have respectful, caring conversations with people who they may disagree with or where the topic may just be uncomfortable no matter how important. Here are exercises to help create an atmosphere of safety, respect, and accountability.

Blessings for the New School Year

This resource includes ideas for back to school blessings and celebrations which include all those in education as students or leaders in our faith communities and our communities.

Quicksheets #79 Partnering with Parents for Hard Conversations

As youth groups gather less often, we might miss the opportunity to give an immediate faith response to a critical cultural moment. Parents are valuable partners in ministry and play a vital role in processing world events; so how do we support parents in this important faith work?