Resources in Young Adults

Planning a Retreat for College Students

Retreats are an opportunity to gather college students together to create meaning, and significant thought and intention should be given to planning and leading these gatherings.

Connecting with UKirk Collegiate Ministries

The UKirk Collegiate Ministries Association builds connections with colleges students at over 200 campuses. This resource provides ways for churches and faith communities to connect with the campus ministry leaders and students in local communities.

Lost in Authenticity – Pastoring in a Pandemic

None of us has ever practiced ministry (or anything else) in a pandemic. And, none of us had much time to prepare for practicing ministry in a pandemic. Start with grace, positive spiritual practices, creative care/self-care and resource suggestions to help you find more.

So, You Want to Start a UKirk Ministry

UKirk stands for “university church.” (Kirk is the Scottish word for church.) Some UKirks are campus ministries out of a single congregation, while others are supported by their Presbytery. Some are 501©3s that have been around for decades, while others are recent start-ups that involve part-time leadership. This resource contains things to consider when starting… Read more »

UKirk Ministries Readiness Assessment Tool

The ultimate question you will be seeking to answer is: “Are we a church that reaches, loves and teaches college students so that they may be life long followers of Jesus Christ?” The intention of this congregational readiness assessment survey is to provide you with a rational approach to answer that question in part by… Read more »