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Resources in Statistics

Go Figure – Deciding where to donate

Suppose someone gave you $200 to give to a charity or religious cause. How would you decide where to contribute? We presented Presbyterians that scenario on a 2005 survey, asking… Read more »

Go Figure – Pulpit heavyweights

Recently in this column I discussed decades-long membership losses in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), but this month I’m addressing an area in which the PC(USA) is growing: the weight of… Read more »

Go Figure – Hymns we like to sing

To help the Presbyterian Committee on Congregational Song as it works toward the development of a new hymnal, Research Services surveyed a sample of pastors, music leaders, and members in… Read more »

Go Figure – Homosexuality and ordination

Results from a late 2008 survey provide a recent snapshot of Presbyterian opinion on homosexuality and ordination. – from the October 2009 issue of Presbyterians Today magazine.

Go Figure – Fewer Members

The number of Presbyterians has been declining slowly but steadily in recent decades. Let’s look at concurrent changes in the number and size of congregations. – from the November 2009… Read more »