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Resources in Special days & emphases

Christian Formation Week Liturgy Resources

This resource includes a litany, some hymn suggestion, prayers and other liturgy helps to help plan Celebrating Christian Formation in worship.

Blessings for the New School Year

This resource includes ideas for back to school blessings and celebrations which include all those in education as students or leaders in our faith communities and our communities.

Neighboring Sunday

The neighborhoods around our homes and our faith community gathering places are the heart of our ministries. If we are to live out the Matthew 25 vision we should understand our communities. This QuickSheet provides you with a template and ideas to plan an experience and worship service around your neighborhoods.

Sabbath Practices Ministry Kit for Seasons of the Church

The Sabbath Practices Ministry Kit for Seasons of the Church looks at how to engage each of the essential practices (Hospitality, Prayer, Service, Storytelling and Retreat) in communal worship based on the liturgical year and special seasonal emphases.