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Resources in Racial Ethnic Schools and Colleges

2016 Christmas Joy Offering Leader’s Guide

This guide will walk you through sharing available materials and some effective ways to participate in and celebrate the Christmas Joy Offering. But this guide is just a start: We encourage you to add your own ideas, creativity, and enthusiasm to help increase awareness and giving in your congregation.

2016 Christmas Joy Offering Bulletin Insert – EL DON ES RECIBIDO

UNA OFRENDA DE FE. UN MENSAJE DE ESPERANZA. Cuando usted dona a la Ofrenda de Gozo de Navidad, usted honra el don admirable de Jesús mediante el fomento de la fe que tenemos en Dios y entre cada uno. La Ofrenda de Gozo de Navidad apoya el desarrollo del futuro liderazgo étnico-racial de nuestros trabajadores de la iglesia y a sus familias en tiempos de necesidad, al responder el llamado fiel a enriquecer la vida y a aliviar las cargas. POR FAVOR, DONE GENEROSAMENTE.

2016 Christmas Joy Offering Bulletin Insert – 우리가 드리는 선물

믿음의 선물. 소망의 메시지. 성탄절 기쁨의 헌금에 동참할 때, 당신은 우리가 하나님 및 서로에 대해 지니는 믿음을 자라게 함으로서 신비로운 예수님의 선물에 영광을 돌리게 됩니다. 성탄절 기쁨의 헌금은 우리 교회의 미래 타인종/민족 리더십 개발을 지원하고, 어려움에 처한 교회 일꾼들 및 그들의 가족들을 지원하면서 삶을 풍요롭게 하고 짐을 덜어주라는 부르심에 신실하게 응답하고 있습니다. 나눔에 동참하는 세 가지 방법.

2016 Christmas Joy Offering Minute for Mission – Monika Ruiz

Monika Ruiz’s vocational aspirations paint a portrait of holistic Christian commitment. This college sophomore wants to serve as a nurse in international mission, but her dreams for the future don’t stop with taking care of physical needs. Monika would like to tend spiritual needs through pastoral ministry in a developing country. She is concerned about justice for neglected people and communities around the world, and she envisions starting an advocacy organization that works on their behalf.

2016 Christmas Joy Offering Minute for Mission – Mari Duran

Mari Duran is a happy seventh grader who wants to be a judge when she grows up. Right now, however, she is enjoying life as an honor student, a cheerleader, a volleyball player, and a budding actress at the Presbyterian-related Menaul School in Albuquerque, New Mexico.