Resources in Pentecost Offering

Pentecost Offering Sample Pastor Letter

Use the attached sample Pastor’s letter for your church newsletters, blogs and other promotion leading up to the Pentecost Offering.

2018 Pentecost Worship Resources

Call to Worship Call to Confession Prayer of Confession Assurance of Pardon Passing of the Peace Prayer for Illumination Old Testament Reading New Testament Reading Sermon Affirmation of Faith Invitation to Offering Offering Offertory Response Prayers of Thanksgiving and Dedication Prayers of the People or Lord’s Supper Charge & Benediction

Minutes for Mission: Young Adult Volunteers

Kristen Young served her volunteer year in Peru at a shelter for young survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence. She saw God at work in helping these women heal and move toward independent living.

Minutes for Mission: Youth Ministries

First Presbyterian Church in Morganton, North Carolina, took their youth to Faith in 3D to learn about what it means to be a Christian in the global world and to be a global citizen.