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Korean Peace Delegation Booklet

This document was prepared after the PC(USA) Korean Peace Delegation’s visit to Seoul, South Korea, in November 2017 in response to Overture 12–01 and Commissioner Resolution 12–13, focusing on the reunification of the Korean Peninsula and the need to build upon the increasing momentum toward peace. Adopted at General Assembly 222 (2016) in Portland.

Liturgy for Korea Peace

A Sample Liturgy for a Worship Service with a Focus on Korea Peace

Bibliography of Resources on No Gun Ri

These resources, including articles, books, films/videos, websites, blogs, memoirs, poetry, novels, provide a good introduction to the No Gun Ri Massacre during the Korean War.

The Unforgotten War

I will never forget the morning of June 25, 1950. I was eight years old and living with my parents and brother in the Washington, D.C., area. My parents stayed in bed much later than usual, speaking to each other in hushed and fearful tones. They told us that war has broken out in Korea,… Read more »

The Korean War, Anticommunism, and the Korean American Community

By Namhee Lee (UCLA) The Korean War (1950–1953) remains possibly the most traumatic collective experience for most Koreans, both on the peninsula and in the diaspora since 1945. The war claimed close to three million civilian lives and destroyed half of Korea’s industries and a third of all its homes.  Moreover, the atrocities committed by… Read more »

Script, No Gun Ri Presentation

The program you’re about to see and hear is about a real event that is, I’m afraid, typical of war. It’s about the violence, death, and innocent suffering that is part of wars, wherever they’re fought. It is not intended to fix blame nor to vilify any group of people, but rather to be honest… Read more »