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Resources in Jinishian

Jinishian Memorial Program 2016 Gratitude Report

The Jinishian Memorial Program is on a mission of hope to give struggling Armenian communities the chance to thrive. Read our 2016 Annual Gratitude Report to learn about current needs in the Middle East and Armenia and to be inspired by the difference we are making together. We thank God for all those who support… Read more »

Jinishian Jottings Winter 2016

Mission updates from the Middle East and Armenia. Read hopeful reports from within Syria and among refugees. With help from JMP, one family is making a life against the odds in Aleppo, and one refugee is rebuilding his life in Lebanon after devastating loss. The Jinishian Memorial Program has served within these communities for 50… Read more »

Jinishian Jottings Fall 2014

Stories highlight the breadth of Jinishian’s impact and then itemize specific key needs: Relieving wartime struggles in Syria; Bringing joy to children in need throughout the Middle East; Reversing the fate of at-risk teens, providing vital health outreach and elder-care in Lebanon; A vision of lasting change for a stronger Armenia.

Jinishian Jottings Spring 2016

There is hope after a century of atheism and genocide. Read the story of an ancient village overlooking Ararat where Jinishian programs are sharing faith in Christ with a new generation of Armenian children and inspiring an economic revival for farmers . Plus, a new tour, new events, and new partners prove that JMP is… Read more »

Jinishian Jottings Fall 2010

Armenian university students take action to strengthen their country: “the youth are not just the future, but they are the present and their voices should be heard.” Teens and women in Lebanon are empowered with job training, holistic health programs, and increased confidence and faith.

Jinishian Jottings Spring 2011

Children from JMP summer camps perform story of Jesus’ Ascension, sharing scripture and raising funds for youth programs in Syria. Students create community manger in multiethnic, underprivileged neighborhood of Beirut, Lebanon. Pastoral outreach in rural Armenia helps a new generation come to know Christ.

Jinishian Jottings Spring 2014

Jinishian Jottings Spring 2014

In this issue: Presbyterians call for Armenian Genocide Recognition and Commemoration; Survivors in Syria have a legacy of faith; Carnegie Calian reflects on disclosing mistakes; At-risk teens in Lebanon find hope; High school debate team goes international; Jinishian brings smiles to children in Armenia

Jinishian Jottings Fall 2013

Along with fine-tuned relief work in response to the Syrian crisis, we continue the long-term development work you see in this issue. Stories of our micro-loan programs offer a glimpse of how Jinishian helps families and communities experience lasting change. Those projects bring hope and provide a foundation for a better future.

Jinishian Jottings Spring 2013

Jinishian Jottings Spring 2013 “Find stories of resolve, courage and ingenuity in the face of the tragic, and often unforeseeable, consequences of war. Jinishian has brought compassion where there is brutality, dedication where there was neglect, and adaptability even when the obstacles surround us on all sides.”

Jinishian Jottings Fall 2012

2012 Jinishian Jottings Fall Newsletter “This is the time when it is tremendously important not to abandon the most vulnerable.” In the midst of political and economic crises, the Jinishian Memorial Program has persevered. Stories include: Courageous partners in Syria continue critical health care programs; Working in community reduces and prevents human suffering in Lebanon; Thousands of Armenian children learn… Read more »