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Resources in Israel and Palestine

Rev. Dr. Victor Makari and Sara Makari prayer card

In his work as partnership liaison, the bulk of Victor’s time is spent providing consultative support for the witness of the church to issues of religion and state in the Arab world. Victor and Sara view their call to be primarily one of presence and support with our partners. “Maintaining the bonds of relationship with… Read more »

Rev. Kate Taber Prayer Card

Rev. Kate Taber Prayer Card Use this card as you pray for Mission co-worker Rev. Kate Taber. As a mission specialist in Israel-Palestine, I serve in ministry alongside Palestinian Christians, while helping US Presbyterians engage with their lives and ministry. I pray that they might provide solidarity to a population of Christians who feel forgotten by the rest of the… Read more »

Palestine-Israel Ecumenical Forum: Guidelines for Christians Contemplating a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

These guidelines were developed in 2010 at a consultative meeting in Geneva to promote justice tourism for pilgrims to Palestine- Israel. Representing 14 countries, a group of 27 theologians, Palestinian Christian activists and professionals in the tourism industry called on Christian pilgrims to live their faith as they visit the Holy Land, going beyond homage… Read more »

MRTI report to 2012 General Assembly: Engagement With Corporations on Israel-Palestine Issues From 2004 to 2011

Approved by MRTI, September 9, 2011; pending approval by GAMC The 2004 General Assembly instructed the Committee on Mission Responsibility Through Investment (MRTI) to begin a process of “phased, selective divestment” related to corporations doing business in Israel.  Following the assembly, MRTI initiated a process consistent with General Assembly (GA) policy.  First, MRTI reviewed the… Read more »