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MRTI Divestment List 2017

The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) urges divestment and/or proscription of some corporations due to their involvement in military-related production (MR), tobacco (TO), human rights violations (HR), and operating for-profit prisons (FPP). This file contains a comprehensive list of corporations or securities affected by those General Assembly policies.

The Divestment Strategy: Principles and Criteria

Divestment Strategy: Principles and Criteria (1984). This General Assembly study of the moral grounds for selling securities examines trusteeship and the interplay of integrity, effectiveness, and church purposes (including solidarity). It followed Military-Related Investment Guidelines (1982) and preceded the 1985 “selective, phased” divestment of securities in firms supporting apartheid in South Africa.

MRTI report to 2012 General Assembly: Engagement With Corporations on Israel-Palestine Issues From 2004 to 2011

Approved by MRTI, September 9, 2011; pending approval by GAMC The 2004 General Assembly instructed the Committee on Mission Responsibility Through Investment (MRTI) to begin a process of “phased, selective divestment” related to corporations doing business in Israel.  Following the assembly, MRTI initiated a process consistent with General Assembly (GA) policy.  First, MRTI reviewed the… Read more »

Presbyterian Panel Survey August 1995: Social Issues in Investing – Summary

A summary of the August 1995 Presbyterian Panel questionnaire, developed in cooperation with the Mission Responsibility Through Investment office. This summary covers issues related to individual and congregation socially-responsibile investment and ethical issues in the workplace.