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Resources in Health

The Journey of Traveling Together

Throughout our nation, troops are returning home from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their adjustment from military to civilian life has its challenges. My focus in this article will… Read more »

Children of the Racket’s Red Glare

by the Rev. Ralph Garlin Clingan I have included here some seamier aspects of military service and US history. Not only our beloved Presbyterians for Disability Concerns (PDC) network but… Read more »

Aid to Veterans Follows the Way of Love

By Amy BlumenshineMany family members and loved ones of recent veterans wonder how to be helpful to veterans after their deployments. Unfortunately, in the realm of human behavior, one size… Read more »

Models of Ministry

Models of Ministry features the recipients of the Florence Iversen Kraft Award, presented first in 2000 and at each General Assembly since. The award goes to a congregation that has… Read more »

Presbyterian Health Network information card

The Presbyterian Health Network (PHN) is the membership organization for congregations, parish nurses, health ministry teams, clergy and others who feel called to speak the language of care and build… Read more »