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Resources in Colombia

Country Fact Sheet on Colombia

Colombia fact sheet cover image This 2-page country fact sheet on Columbia summarizes the work currently undertaken by the various UN agencies.

Sarah Henken Prayer Card

Use this card as you pray for mission co-worker Rev. Sarah Henken. This card includes a photo and overview of her work. Sarah works in collaboration with the peace commission of the Presbyterian Church of Colombia as the church strives to help all Colombians build a new future and bring an end to over 50… Read more »

Cesar Carhuachin Prayer Card

Cesar Carhuachin prayer card Use this card as you pray for Mission Co-worker César Carhuachín. The card includes a photo and overview of his work. César has been called to teach biblical studies in the School of Theology at the Reformed University of Colombia. His classrooms are occupied by men and women who will provide clergy leadership for the Presbyterian… Read more »