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Resources in Camps

Retreat Module: Grandparent Camp

This Grandparent Retreat is designed for older adults along with elementary age children and younger youth. The retreat can be adapted to use as a You & Me Camp with… Read more »

Gifts + Callings

Gifts + Callings is a Summer Camp Curriculum for Sr. High Leadership Programs.   This curriculum was developed by PCCCA and UKirk Collegiate Ministries in collaboration with the Office of… Read more »

2022 Camp and Retreat Sunday Resources

The PC(USA) designates various days on the church calendar for special emphasis. Below are resources for celebrating Camp and Retreat Sunday on February 13, 2022. (Or whenever your faith community… Read more »

Sabbath Practices Ministry Kit for Camp

The Sabbath Practices Ministry Kit for Camp looks at how to engage each of the essential practices (Hospitality, Prayer, Service, Storytelling and Retreat) in a camp or conference center setting…. Read more »