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Resource created by Rev. Betty Angelini, Director of Crestfield Camp and Conference Center, Slippery Rock, PA.  A ministry of Pittsburgh Presbytery. Rev. Angelini was assisted by Rev. Sharon Stewart, and Mr. Joshua Sarchet.

2017 Camp and Conference Emphasis Sunday Materials

Camp and Conference Sunday Worship Aids

Camps and Conference ministries transform lives!  It’s a great way to strengthen your ministry and hearing this from you and your congregation is important.


Summer Camp: Community, Faith and Transformation

Summer Camp:  Community, Faith and Transformation At summer camp it is impossible to not experience the transformative love of God.  From first thing in the morning as we raise our voices in praise to the quiet devotion conversations in the cabin as the sun goes down, each day is filled and overflowing with the joy of the Lord.  The growth at… Read more »