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Resources in Bible study

Technology and Teaching

Quicksheet about Technology and Teaching – Tips, tools, and practices

Why Presbyterians Are Like That: Bible Study Series for Congregations

00 Intro_Congregation 01 Bible _ Congregation 02 Grace_Congregation 03 Response_Congregation 04 Brains_Congregation 05 Right-Now_Congregation 06 Justice_Congregation 07 Sin_Congregation 08 Presbyterian_Congregation 09 Hope_Congregation 10 Humbly_Congregation 11 Appendix_Congregation

Why Presbyterians are Like That

This is a 10 session bible study designed for College students and young adults to explore why Presbyterians are the way they are.

2015-2016 Biblical Witness to Peacemaking

2015-2016 Biblical Witness to Peacemaking This index of scripture provides a year-long study of passages around peacemaking themes.  Congregations are encouraged to print this index in weekly bulletins and monthly newsletters to help guide Presbyterians… Read more »