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Variety Within Contemporary Islam

Part of the Christian-Muslim Relations mission toolkit, this document explains there are cultural and theological variations among Muslim populations. Text taken from Christians and Muslims in Dialogue: Facets of a… Read more »

Teaching Islam: It’s Personal

In his article, Reverend Dr. Whit Bodman, associate professor of comparative religion at Austin Seminary, details his knowledge of Islam and why he chooses to teach about the religion. A… Read more »

Check your bags! webinar: Cultural baggage – what we bring with us as we engage in mission

When we engage in mission we are given great opportunities to experience other cultures while building relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ. But what happens if our own cultural baggage gets in the way? The Check Your Bags Webinar explores ways to engage more meaningfully in cross-cultural mission work by being aware of our own culture and the nuances of cultures with which we engage in mission.