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Technology and Teaching

Quicksheet about Technology and Teaching – Tips, tools, and practices

Why Presbyterians Are Like That: Bible Study Series for Congregations

00 Intro_Congregation 01 Bible _ Congregation 02 Grace_Congregation 03 Response_Congregation 04 Brains_Congregation 05 Right-Now_Congregation 06 Justice_Congregation 07 Sin_Congregation 08 Presbyterian_Congregation 09 Hope_Congregation 10 Humbly_Congregation 11 Appendix_Congregation

Why Presbyterians are Like That

This is a 10 session bible study designed for College students and young adults to explore why Presbyterians are the way they are.

Let My People Go Bible Study

“Let My People Go” is an excellent bible study written by Rebecca Barnes, Coordinator of the Presbyterian Hunger Program. This bible study invites a group of young people to examine… Read more »