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Myoung Ho Yang and Ji Yeon Yoo Prayer Card

Use this card as you pray for Myoung Ho Yang and Ji Yeon Yoo who are serving Christ at the invitation of McGilvary College of Divinity
of Payap University in Chang Mai, Thailand.

Myoung Ho is professor of worship at McGilvary College of Divinity at Payap University in Chang Mai, the first Christian University in Thailand. Payap was founded by PC(USA)’S Partner, the Church of Christ in Thailand, in 1974. It is the first private university in Thailand, serving 3500 students with 600 faculty and staff. Ji Yeon supports him in this ministry. About 30 percent of the faculty and staff are Christian. Their service is in response to a call to international mission that each of them sensed several years ago in their native South Korea. “It is our vision that the people in the world know and worship God, acknowledging God as their Creator, Redeemer, and Lord,” they write. “We believe that we are called to serve in this vision by proclaiming the word of God, sharing the love of God, and preparing pastors and missionaries through a ministry of teaching.”