Volunteers Exploring Vocation Discernment Journal

A Self-Study Resource for Young Adult Volunteers in Mission

By Teresa Blythe, VEV Facilitator

Congratulations on choosing to spend this year following inspiration from God to be of service to the church and the world!

Many people who make this choice tell us that they hope this service year will help them figure out what kind of life work they feel God is leading them into. That’s where this guided journal comes in. We want to offer you a way to explore your vocation (a word related to “voice” and “call” that means our life’s work) at a pace that is right for you.

This journal is designed to evoke from you the wisdom God is giving you around your life’s work. We hope this journal will encourage you to pray and interact with God in a variety of ways. You will find a lot of introduction and explanation in this booklet with exercises and activities for journaling located in boxes. Take your time going through it. Some chapters have a lot of activities and others just a few. You can also jump around, however do make sure you cover all the material to get a balanced view.