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Transformation of Churches and Society Through Encounters with New Neighbors (1999)

We need to face our fears and insecurities honestly as pastoral issues of central significance. We need to develop the resources that will enable us through mutual support to venture in faith to enter new friendships with the confidence that God will continue to open the way for future steps. Let us challenge ourselves to trust in the promises of God that God’s Kingdom will be on earth as it is in Heaven. The vision of God’s Kingdom calls us to participate in God’s work by breaking down barriers, healing divisions, guarding each person’s dignity, advocating for the voiceless, and extending the Gospel of reconciling love to all. It is a wonderful opportunity for many of our predominantly Anglo churches in the United States to change our face, indeed our whole body, into a multicolored face and body, in this way anticipating the future God has in store. Whereas fears may incline us to self-protectiveness, faith in the promise of God in Christ can launch our churches into adventurous encounters with new neighbors that will transform churches and energize us all for more expanded ministry.