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Selected Social Witness Policies on Work as Vocation, Unions, and Collective Bargaining (1959-2008) From the Presbyterian Social Policy Compilation

In 1952, the PCUSA Assembly urged a “. . . greater emphasis upon free collective bargaining in labor-management relations,” and that Presbyterians “. . . participate more actively in management organizations and labor unions as an expression of Christian vocation. . .” (PCUSA, 1952, p. 204). The first statement of the PCUS on work in the postwar period came in 1953 when its General Assembly directed that “. . . churches undertake the responsibility of impressing men, women and young people of the value and significance of daily work as Christian vocation . . .” (PCUS, 1953, p. 92). Meanwhile, the PCUSA Assembly urged that “. . .every church seek an effective ministry to bring together in Christian fellowship men and women from all occupations and walks of life, since we recognize that our churches all too often fail to minister across economic lines to all groups in their communities . . .” (PCUSA, 1953, p. 185).