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Resolution on Just Globalization, Justice, Ownership and Accountability (2006)

Globalization and international trade are realities of today’s world. In this report, globalization is defined as the process by which people, nations, and economies throughout the world become ever more connected and integrated. Although often driven by economics, globalization includes spiritual, cultural, political, and human welfare dimensions. This report and the recommendations are to provide ethical insight for individual Christians and a set of responses for churches and the larger church through its agencies. As Christians, we understand that what happens to people in the process of being “integrated” is a key criterion by which globalization must be measured. We seek a kind of globalization that reflects justice, community, and the sustainability of creation. Thus we approve measures to (A) strengthen our own discipleship in an international context, and support measures by the community of nations and our own government that will (B) improve international governance, (C) manage technology for the common good, (D) support fair exchange in trade policy, (E) make development assistance more effective, (F) protect workers and vulnerable groups, and (G) encourage congregational, governing body, and missional responses.