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Prepare for worship

Preparing for worship is like making space for God. When we offer hospitality to people, there is some preparation necessary on our part. We must see to it that there’s food in the house, we clean the house and get a sleeping place ready. We make sure there are clean towels and perhaps snip a few flowers from the garden to place on a bedside table to say welcome.

When we prepare to go to the place of worship, we, too, need to prepare our hearts for divine visitation. We need to make space in our lives by making sure we go to worship where, with the gathered assembly of God’s people, we indicate our seriousness in seeking the Lord and our commitment to following in the Way as part of the people of God called church. We also need to get ready to welcome our Guest, only to have the table turned on us and realize that Christ is our host who welcomes us into the presence of God.